Jason Wong

Founder, Wonghaus Media, Fifthtee
Previously: DoM @ Vent

Top Tumblr Blog 2015, Shorty Award Nominee 2015

Hello there, my name is Jason Wong and I'm a digital marketing consultant. I specialize in viral content creation, influencer marketing, social media marketing strategy (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) and business development. Startups reach out to me for my Gen-Z perspective and experience to tackle their problems. I have experience in working with authors, tech startups, consumer products, and fashion.

Before venturing into business, I began as a social media influencer in 2013 and accumulated over a million followers on different platforms, predominately Tumblr. Through my time as an influencer, I was able to closely observe the users on each platform and study their interest and behavior. I’m interested in creating an emotional response from my advertisements, which is a factor that is deeper than the typical metric of user engagement. I enjoy being creative while developing social media strategies and content that would resonate with the intended audience, to make them feel connected to the content that they are exposed to.

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I’m currently the founder of Fifthtee, an apparel brand that pledges a fifth of its proceeds to the Best Friends Animal Society, which provides sheltered animals with housing and medical care. I also founded Wonghaus Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in developing viral contents and strategy for brands and products. I lead and direct Wonghaus's eCommerce division, which specializes in high-viral products. Under the Dank Tank, I developed and launched the product "Holy Meme Bible", which earned over a $250,000 a little after a month of its launch.

I’m an expert at marketing on the Tumblr platform, consulting companies that generated high 6-figures in monthly revenue through my marketing strategies. My clients range from startups such as Gfycat, and Vent, to University professors and former executives of Fortune 500 companies. I worked with a number of brands to promote their products to an audience that was typically difficult to reach with other platforms. In March 2016, I told El Confidencial, “Tumblr is often a social platform underestimated, but it is a multimillion-dollar advertising industry"

I am fascinated by the constant changing climate of marketing on new media. In particular, I enjoy the ability to be creative in developing fun advertisements with high viral potentials and working in an environment that encourages me to be unconventional. In an interview with Forbes, I explained that I was able to sell over $20,000 worth of merchandise in 5 days during the Presidential primary elections by understanding the fundamental ideas of content marketing. I explained that content marketing consist of 50% of taking advantage of natural human behavior and 50% thinking of ways to not promote your product. “Content marketing is essentially a game of trying to promote your product without trying to promote the product.”

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2017 Schedule

I currently reside in Irvine, California.
My office address is 611. W. Civic Center Drive, #207, Santa Ana 92701

Dec 28 - Jan 3Fuzhou, ChinaBusiness Meetings
Jan 3Guangdong, ChinaFactory Inspection
Jan 4 Fuzhou, ChinaBusiness Dinner
Jan 5-12Hong KongFamily Trip
Jan 12Osaka Bay, Japann/a
Jan 26-28Twitter HQ, SFData Privacy Conference
Jan 29San Diegon/a
Jan. 31 - Feb 3Las Vegas, NVMeetings
Feb 15San Francisco, CAStanford
Feb 16-17San Francisco, CARitz-Carlton San Francisco
Feb. 18-21Chicago, ILSoHo House
March 1Los Angeles Snapchat HQ
March 9Houston, TXPhotographer meeting
Mar. 10-14Austin, TXSXSW, Influencer Meet-up
March 24San BernadinoBeyond Wonderland Music Festival
April 3-10VancouverCanadian Influencer Meetup
April 12Asian Art Museum of San FranciscoWeChat Event
April 14-16Indio, CACoachella Music Festival
April 26-29Anaheim, CADECA ICDC Judging
June 16-18Las Vegas, NVMGM Grand, EDC LV
July, TBABeijing, ChinaInvestment Trip
July, TBAGuangdong, ChinaFactory Inspection Trip
July 1Hong KongMeetings
July, 2-7Tokyo, JPMt. Fuji Trip
July 8-12Hong Kongn/a
Aug 19-21Las Vegas, NVKathy's Bday

I consult small and medium-size startups.

Startups reach out to me for my Gen-Z perspective and experience to tackle their problems. My work involves speaking at youth entrepreneurship events to conducting one-on-one strategy planning for social media marketing campaigns. Recent examples include speaking at SAGE Canada about the ideas behind marketing Phoneblok, an eco-friendly cell phone, as well as leading the marketing campaign for the Vent Social Network, which ranked in the top 100 apps for the Social Networking category and had an average of 13k installs per day under my management. My expertise is in helping companies understand their audience on different social media platform and developing strategies to engage with them through various forms of digital content.

My involvement with startups includes frequent product reviews where I try to develop new marketing strategies based on the new and unique features of the product and briefly touch base with creating monetization strategies. The startups that I have worked with have seen the tremendous results that influencer marketing can produce compared to traditional advertisements.