Jason Wong

Founder & CEO, Wonghaus Ventures
Creator of Holy Méme Bible, Dank Tank, Peekabork, Doux Lashes

For almost a decade, Jason Wong has been at the forefront of identifying Internet trends and developing creative contents to narrate a story for himself and brands. With an early start in establishing a presence on Chinese social platforms and later on major American social media outlets, Jason was able to uniquely bridge the gap between influencers and brand to build a media agency and multiple viral product labels under it.

A natural problem-solver, he has continually refined his business development skills to tackle problems for companies of varying industries, and today runs Wonghaus Ventures, a venture studio, built on the concept of cultivating brands innovating in the digital advertising and consumer product space.

He is fascinated by the constantly changing climate of marketing on new media. He enjoys the ability to be creative in developing fun contents with high viral potentials and working in an environment that encourages him to be unconventional.

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2018 Schedule

I currently reside in Irvine, California.
My office address is
2372 Morse Ave., Ste. 281, Irvine, CA 92614

Jan 1San Diego, California 
Jan 4-7Hollywood, CaliforniaInfluencer retreat
Jan 9-10Las Vegas, NevedaCES
Jan 19-21New York CityVendor meeting
Jan 26-30Fuzhou, ChinaFamily Visits
Feb 17San BernadinoCrush SoCal
Feb 18-19San DiegoLED Anniversary
March 6-10Paris, FranceMeeting
March 10-16Rome, VeniceTrip
May 4-7Cancun, MexicoInfluencer retreat
August 23-27Hong KongFamily Visit
August 27-31Bali, IndonesiaWedding
August 31-Sep 2Hong Kong 

Professionally, I'm passionate about development, growth, and sustainability - including growth strategy, branding, sales & marketing, product development, and user experience.

Personally, I'm inspired by meeting new people, traveling, continuous learning, public service, and establishing valuable relationships with everyone that I work with.

I consult small and medium-size brands.
Startups reach out to me for my Gen-Z perspective and experience to tackle their audience's problems. Others work with me for my extensive background in social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram) as well as my understanding of the Chinese market. I am fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and English. My network of knowledge and connections in China, coupled with my communication abilities, allows me to help businesses reach the world's largest market that many others had failed to reach.

My engagements involves speaking at youth entrepreneurship events to conducting one-on-one strategy planning for social media marketing campaigns. Recent examples include speaking at SAGE Canada about the ideas behind marketing Phoneblok, an eco-friendly cell phone, as well as leading the marketing campaign for the Vent Social Network, which ranked in the top 100 apps for the Social Networking category and had an average of 13k installs per day under my management. My expertise is in helping companies understand their audience by providing my insight on consumer behavior on different social media platform and developing strategies to engage with them through various forms of digital content.