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Through many years in the space, I've been fortunate enough to meet a number of great people and have been a customer to the greatest tools powering eCommerce today. I'm happy to recommend you the tools and resources that I have personally gathered. which I will list below.


ClearAngel is a new way of angel investing aiming to make it more accessible to founders who are looking for the network, expertise, and capital to grow their business. You can use the code 200J1g2200 to jump in front of their waitlist.

If you're looking for a new acquisition channel for your brand besides Facebook, I got an offer with Snapchat for a $1000 ad credit that you can redeem once you create an account and spend $1000 on the platform. Instantly a 100% rebate.

There's no debate on what's the best eCommerce platform for you to create your store on. Here's a 14 days free trial on Shopify that you can redeem today.

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I've personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless counts experimenting with a number of companies to grow my brand, and I have a few that I'm currently using and happy to recommend.

➡️ Paid Marketing Agency
➡️ SEO Marketing Agency
➡️ Creative Agency
➡️ Inventory Financing Firm

Just email me at jason(@)wonghaus.com
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I'm working on a few databases to help investors, marketers, brands, and operators connect with each other. Links to join the database is below.

For marketers looking for new work opportunities
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If you're a brand looking to access the database, please email me wong (@) wonghaus.com

For angel investors looking for new deal flow
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For people looking for new work opportunities with eCommerce brands
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If you're a brand looking to access the database, please email me wong (@) wonghaus.com