Hello, I'm Jason Wong

Founder, Wonghaus Ventures

I've built a few brands

A little about me

I am a managing director with over eight years of brand development, marketing strategy, supply-chain management, global logistics, and e-commerce experience in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, and publishing industries.

Through brands within my company and clients' portfolio, I have effectively managed multiple eCommerce properties to reach 8 figures in annualized revenue. I am renowned for my $500 brand blueprint, where I developed the framework to start and scale an eCommerce brand with as little as a few hundred dollars.

I have created over a dozen consumer products under my product studio at Wonghaus Ventures. Aside from the brands I created, I help celebrities and influencers on their eCommerce business as well as executing digital campaigns for clients such as Jack in the Box, Coca-Cola, Universal Music Group, Adidas, and Fashion Nova.

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